Sigil Wen

Sigil Wen

2021 Bucket List

2021 Bucket List

The Intention: Build leverage, remove money problems, increase specific knowledge and abilities, meet and attract interesting people, get fit, and most importantly enjoy the process. TLDR; Become an influencial, impactful and interesting person šŸ˜Ž

ā€œA dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.ā€


  • Reach 100k+ subscribers on YouTube (0.85%)

  • Ship one product a month (0/12)

  • Establish 1k+ MRR in passive income (0%)

  • Become self sufficient (sorry mom)

  • 1 video a month (0/12)

  • 1 blog post a week (1/52)

  • 1 newsletter a month (0/12)

  • Reach 1 Million Views (4%)

  • Meet 100 interesting people (2/100)

  • Become the happiest person you know

    • Remove victim mentality
    • Remove the term "depressed" from my vocabulary
  • Reach & Maintain sub 15% body fat

Side Quests (Not as intentional but can be byproduct of success in Main)

  • One clean Muscle Up (20%)

  • One arm pull up (0%)

  • Build something worth $1M (0%)

  • Build an app with 10k+ downloads

  • Grow a TikTok to 1M Likes

  • 1 podcast episode a month w/ a šŸ¦„ trajectory person (0/12)

  • Beat the stock market

  • Reach 10k on Twitter

Good Habits to Maintain

  • Exercise (Become the fittest person I know - stolen from Brent)
  • Push intellectual horsepower every day
  • Read (Something other than the Almanack of Naval )
  • Make my bed
  • Sleep Well

Bad Habits to Break

  • Nail Biting
  • Dopamine feedback loops
  • Impulsive financial decisions (aka mindfulness of my burn rate)

Mantras for 2021:

  • don't wait
  • F*ck yes or no
  • Stop validating your victim mentality
  • be impatient with action, patient with results - aadil